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Thyroid disease (Hypothyroidism), It’s symptoms and food died


If we want to get rid from any disease, then we should know or have knowledge about the disease first. So, let us know what is hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism is a thyroid disease. And the thyroid is a gland which produces the thyroid hormone which is very necessary from every living beings. Thyroid does money activities our metabolism rate of body. When thyroid gland can’t produce.

Enough hormone according to bodies need than a hormonal disease appears which is called hyperthyroidism.

Between all kind of hormonal disease hypothyroidism is most common disease, specially it attacks woman and children most.

Now a question arrives that why hypothyroidism appears?

Let me tall you According to endocrinologists Hypothyroidism is mainly a genetical disease that means in the most factor Hypothyroidism appears for genetical reasons.

Beside deficiency of Iodine is one of the main reasons of the Hypothyroidism.

Which was one of the main reason on previous decades. But now a day because of raising awareness amongst general people they have started taking Iodides salt. As a result, these reasons become unobtrusive.

In other reasons if anyone make any surgery their thyroid gland or as result of side effects of other medicines, Hypothyroidism appears.

Now let’s discuss about the symptoms of Hypothyroidism or when one will respect that he or she may have the disease.

Some common symptoms are-

  1. Getting overweight or fatty suddenly without any reason, in spite  of having normal diet.
  2. Dry and flaky skin.
  3. Muscle soreness and pain people suffering from hypothyroidism after experience muscle weakness, pain, stiffness cramping, there may also be general joint paint. Low metabolism disrupts how your body burns energy. Low thyroid after increases inflammation that may be contributing to your muscle and joint pain.
  4. Hair loss. Proper functioning of the thyroid gland is essential for the development and maintenance of their follicles. And underactive thyroid can result in significant changes in their growth and texture eye brows and body hair.
  5. Cannot Fatigue tiredness. Fatigue extreme tiredness are very common who have under active thyroid.
  6. When low thyroid hormones low throw the blood does not function properly fatigue and constant tiredness. These symptoms persist even after getting proper asleep and rest.
  7. Menstrual and Fertility problems. Thyroid hormones have great influence on menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and even uterine involution after childbirth. Low thyroid function can lead changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Length and blood flow. Now let have a look on the food diet of a thyroid patient. Because there are many foods that are very harmful for thyroid patient and can increase thyroid problems. On the contrary there are also some food which a help developing the function of thyroid gland. So, maintaining a healthy food diet is very important for a thyroid patient.

Firstly, I will discuss about those food which are really harmful and prohibited for a thyroid patient.

Soya bean– Soya been is one of the main energy of of the thyroid even doctors suggest that if a normal person takes soya bean regularly then if can be the reasons of less production of thyroid hormone. So, Soya bean, Soya Sause, soya bean oil must should avoid.

Secondly, A thyroid patient should must avoid food of gluten.

And pao, bread, cake, Contains gluten. These foods should be avoided because if one takes this kind of foods then it makes one’s metabolism slow in fact it can also harm our small intestine can be injured as a result any kind of thyroid medicine and other food’s value can’t work properly for body.

Moreover, some vegetables are prohibited for thyroid patient such as Cabbage, Cauliflower, broccoli, etc.

These foods help decreasing Iodine level of body. That’s why hypothyroid patient specially who are suffering in deficiency of iodine should not take cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli these vegetables.

Sugar is also harmful for thyroid patient. Because during the time of persons metabolism rate falls down and he/she starts getting overweight day by day in this situation sugar mast be avoided as much as possible.

Junk food– which is really of enemy of a thyroid patient, there are types of junk food like 1. Deep fruits, 2. Fatty food and 3. Processed food.

Caffeine– food are drinks like chocolate, coffee which contains coffin should be avoided because decrease. Drugs effectiveness. It one can not leave coffee than His/her must drink it at least one our before/after taking their medicine. Sugar into coffee or tea must be avoided.

Now I will discuss about foods which are beneficial for thyroid patient. For getting good result on can take their meal into three parts like 30% boiled food and 40% main food. One can take onion, cucumber, carrot, and sprout into their salad menus.

Beside these, boiled sprouted pea, sprouted pulse are very beneficial for thyroid patient’s health. One can also use boiled potato.

And beans are very important vegetable for thyroid patient because it contains protein and selenium which are very beneficial also brown rice dal can be taken.

Moreover, for controlling thyroid vitamin ‘B’ is very important that why one should take or eat enough milk/ yogurt daily Fish are also very beneficial because it’s a great source of protein and vitamin ‘B’ which helps in hormonal balance of our body that’s why egg or fish must should take for a better result. Messroom and walnuts are also very beneficial food.

This are the guidelines which help developing thyroid functions and make your health.





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